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  1. Julie Deal says:

    Hi, I have a a year old rescue shih tzu who is doing really well but I am looking to get her to walk nicely on a lead and my dream would be good recall.. Shitty are not good at that!!! Could you tell me which night the class is on when we could start and how much it costs.. Thanks a lot

    • Maralyn Hughes says:

      Hi Julie
      As you will see from the website on Tuesday evenings For more information please ring me on 07941168039
      Thank you

    • Irene Sharratt says:

      I have an 8 year old Border Terroer cross who is a rescue dog. She is good but needs training. Can you let me know venue, day, time and cost.

      • Maralyn Hughes says:

        Thank you for your enquiry
        Please could you give me a ring on 07941168039 so that I can ensure I give you the correct information
        Thank you

  2. Julia Strange says:

    I have an 18 month springer who needs a little help on the lead. She has some basic commands and is quite submissive when first meeting new dogs. Could we arrange a time to meet or chat please about the way forward and cost?

    • Maralyn Hughes says:

      Hi Julia. Thank you for your enquiry. Please could you give me a ring on 07941168039 so that I can give you some information about our courses. Thank you. Maralyn

  3. Tina yarde says:

    Hi I have a 7 month old Chihuahua, she lives very happily with our 8 year old Border terrier, and was very good when out walking and meeting other people and dogs. And also when ever they came to visit us at home. But unfortunately I have been ill for the past 2 months and so she became very much a house dog. She hates her harness and will run and hide if I get it out. But what I really need help with is that now when we go out she will bark at every dog and person she sees. I would like to know what training session would be best and what time it’s held.

    • Maralyn Hughes says:

      Hi Tina. Thank you for your enquiry. We can certainly help you. Please could you ring me on 07941168039 as there are a few mire questions I need answered and I will be able to give you the correct information


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